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Sun, Feb 5, 2012

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Companies are always trying to find a way to tap into new markets. For the past decade in particular companies have been trying to find ways to tailor their products or services to the environmentally conscious consumer. You see it all the time with car companies developing hybrid vehicles and houses running on solar energy, but now web hosting companies are going green as well.

It may not be obvious to many people but web hosting can have an effect on the environment. All these companies that provide platforms for websites are based in locations, which utilize energy to power its servers that maintain an infinite number of websites. It is easily forgettable since all we see is images on our computer screen, but those images are all stored somewhere, and it requires a lot of power.

Green web hosting companies are doing their part to save the environment in a number of ways. The most common way that web hosting companies have joined the cause has been to purchase Renewable Energy Certificates, which serve as evidence of purchasing renewable energy. Put simply, those are almost like stocks, which can be used to sell or trade with other companies. Other web hosting companies are going to more extreme lengths like running their office buildings with alternative energy sources like wind and solar energy. Some companies are going the more public relations route by making donations to rejuvenate the eco system for every purchase made with their company. And simply, some companies are utilizing energy efficient servers that don

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