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  • Highlighting Your Internship Experience in a Cover Letter - In this post, you learned how to highlight your recent internship experience in a resume. But what about the cover letter? Here are some tips for making your internship stand out. Cover letters explain why you are qualified for a job. They don’t repeat the resume but expand on it. As a recent graduate, your […]
  • How to Write an Effective Cover Letter - A guide for foreign students wishing to land an internship in the United States What is needed? A good word processor. Microsoft Works or Word will do fine. A trusted friend who can proof-read your resume and cover letter (Your friend should be able to help you check for grammar, syntax, and spelling errors in […]

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  • 5 Ways to Simplify Your Internship Search - There’s no magic formula to guarantee you will land the job you want after college, but successfully completing an internship will always be a powerful step in the right direction. Finding and excelling at an internship will give you valuable experience in your future field while helping you develop those incredibly important contacts that can […]
  • Different Types of Chemistry Internships - Choosing an internship is one of the most important decisions you can make. They type of experience you gain outside of an educational setting will begin to show you the day to day work of the career you are preparing for, when you still have the opportunity to move in a different direction. Some internships […]
  • Interning at An Assisted Living Facility to Further Your Nursing Career - It takes a special type of person to enter the field of nursing. You not only need a technical mind that can handle the extensive knowledge base required for an occupation in medicine, but you must also have the constitution to deal with all types of illness and injury, as well as the compassion to […]
  • Top 5 Tips to Land a Killer Interior Design Internship - Interior design is one of the most fun and creative careers that an individual can possibly choose. It’s also a pretty significantly competitive arena, and it can be really daunting for a soon-to-be graduate who’s looking to start their career in one of the toughest industries around. Getting an internship, while not necessarily something that […]
  • How to Find the Best Video Production Internships - Video production is a varied and exciting skill set, that can lead to a wide variety of great career choices. Training in video production can mean working on television, feature films, editing, storyboarding, and/or just about anything that’s involved in filming, distribution, or editing processes of a piece of film. If you’re a fan of […]
  • Alternative Ways for Businesses to Compensate Interns - There are two main ways in which interns are generally compensated under the law. In some cases, interns may be given monetary wages like an average employee. Although they are virtual contract workers within an organization, receiving pay for performance, they will likely be let go when the set date of termination for the internship […]
  • Difference between An Intern and Internist in the Medical Field - It may come as a surprise, but the difference between an intern and an internist, in regards to the medical field, is an astoundingly large one. In fact, the only thing these two positions have in common when it comes to the medical field is the fact that they are both positions that happen to […]
  • How to Select the Best Nursing Residency Program - If you’ve completed your degree program in nursing, you’ve done a good deal of the work that will insure your future career. Congratulations on getting this far! It’s a tough field, with challenging coursework and a demanding schedule. So graduating is certainly an accomplishment. However, the road to becoming a nurse is not yet complete. […]
  • The 3 Most Important Things About Getting a Writing Internship - The ability to write and write well is a surprisingly scarce talent in today’s business world. There are a plethora of innovative, high-quality writing internships out there for skilled and talented writers, and you might be more competitive than you think in this field. If you believe you have a skill and passion for great […]
  • The Importance of Keeping in Touch When Your Internship Ends - An internship can be a great, enlightening experience for those who take advantage of them. It won’t be easy, naturally, as you’re going head first into a whole new world, but that’s part of the point of an internship. You’re getting your feet wet before you jump into the pool. Even if you’re working unpaid […]

Internship Interview

  • Should You Consider an Internship After You Graduate? - Many students labor under the misconception that they can only obtain internships while they’re in school. And while many internship opportunities are geared towards students with the goal of helping them to learn in a real-world setting in addition to the classroom, the fact is that you don’t necessarily have to be enrolled in college […]
  • Three Tips for Acing Your Virtual Job Interview - Nothing can be more stressful than preparing for a job interview. Under the best circumstances, you’re staring down the barrel of thirty pressure-filled minutes trying to sell yourself to a complete stranger while simultaneously seeming modest and affable. Your interviewer is going to ask you loaded questions like, “What would you say is your greatest […]
  • Top 3 Post-Intern Interview Tips - This is the time of year when a lot of college students are out of school, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t be busy. Indeed, summer is the time when many people are participating in internships. That is if all goes well with their interview. Indeed, sometimes, when it comes to an internship, people […]
  • 5 Reasons Your Interview Didn’t Turn Into an Offer - You left an interview sure you were going to receive an offer. You gave the hiring manager a firm handshake and walked out the door with the world at your disposal. You were articulate, intelligent, witty, and perfectly qualified. Or so you thought. Receiving a rejection letter or email after an interview you felt was […]
  • How to Nail Your Internship Interview - You spent months doing research, sending out resumes and following up, all while juggling your college course load. And now you find you’ve actually got a slew of internship interviews to go to! You’re ecstatic, but also terrified, because the last thing you want is to have done all this work and then blow it […]
  • How to Make Yourself Stand Out From Other Internship Applicants - If you’re thinking about applying for an internship, it’s definitely a great way to gain some experience in the area of your major (or personal professional interest) while gaining some college credit and maybe even a bit of income as well. However, no one should assume that just because they desire an internship that one […]
  • Etiquette When Turning Down an Internship - Many college students see applying for internships as an excellent way to get a foot in the door (and hopefully secure a job offer down the road), gain some experience for their résumé, and make a few industry contacts for use later on. But internships are often limited and therefor highly competitive, which means you […]
  • 5 Ways to Dress the Part for an Interview - When I was in my first year of college, I was given the opportunity to interview for an internship with my local city county building. The job would have included researching grants and working in the county building with regular employees. I didn’t listen to what my university’s career services department (or my parents) said […]
  • Top 5 Internship Interview Questions - Internship interviews are just like interviews for permanent jobs. You’ll have to answer questions about your interests and experiences. Here are some of the more common questions you might get on an internship interview.
  • Available Topics on InternProgram360 - Thanks for stopping by our site! In order to make our library of posts more accessible, we’ve created a list of all our articles on InternProgram360.com. Please feel free to leave us feedback and use the internal search engine or categories to find what you need. How to write an effective resume (with sample)? Sample […]

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  • How to Best Include Internship Experience on Your Resume - Applying for a job can be a difficult task. Especially with the economy the way is it right now. And if you’ve got little to no experience under your belt, creating a resume that sells you well can be tough. The important thing is to use whatever experience you do have to paint you in […]
  • How to Select the Right References for Your Internship Application - Just like with real world jobs, good internships are highly competitive. Especially these days with the economy in a major slump, people are being forced to change careers and you could face competitors that already have years of work experience and knowledge under their belts. Don’t let it scare you away, just be sure your […]
  • How Interning Abroad Can Help You Land the Job of Your Dreams - College students across America face an increasingly difficult job market upon graduation. The economy has not yet fully recovered, and unemployment hovers around the double digits. This means fewer jobs for recent graduates and more competition for the jobs there are. Recent grads have found themselves going up against much more experienced professionals in interviews, […]
  • Top 5 Federal Resume Writing Tips - Starting your career with the government starts like any other career–with a resume. They can be daunting writing tasks because most of us aren’t used to having to sell ourselves, especially in a couple pages or less. To help you get started or to refine your current resume, here are 5 tips to a solid […]
  • Available Topics on InternProgram360 - Thanks for stopping by our site! In order to make our library of posts more accessible, we’ve created a list of all our articles on InternProgram360.com. Please feel free to leave us feedback and use the internal search engine or categories to find what you need. How to write an effective resume (with sample)? Sample […]
  • Political Science Resume Objective - As a political science student, you have many career options.  The key is to alter the objective statement on your resume to fit each option. An objective statement appears on the top of the resume. It briefly explains the type of career you want and some skills you have. Below are some common careers for […]
  • Highlighting Your Internships in a Resume - After you spent a few months working at an internship, you may be wondering how to highlight that experience on your resume so that it catches the attention of a future employer. While there are many ways to write a resume correctly (and also many wrong), there are a few ways you can make sure […]
  • Sample Resume Objectives - An objective statement appears on the top of your resume. It answers the questions what kind of internship do I want and what skills will I use? If you’re interested in internships in different fields, make sure to have a unique resume objective for each. Sample Resume Objectives Accounting/Finance Major “To obtain an internship in […]
  • The Top 8 Ways to Get an Employer to Review Your Resume - It is likely that whoever receives your resume will put yours into a large and growing pile. How do you make sure that yours stands out? I have reviewed thousands of resumes and there are certain things that employers look for. The cover letter matters big-time. If I get a great cover letter – one […]
  • How to Write an Effective Resume - A guide for foreign students wishing to land an internship in the United States What is needed? A good word processor. Microsoft Works or Word will do fine. A trusted friend who can proof-read your resume and cover letter (Your friend should be able to help you check for grammar, syntax, and spelling errors in […]

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  • How to Make the Most of Your Modest Internship Income - Internships are a vital part of many career paths. A lot of industries require a certain amount of experience before you can truly break into them, and the internship is one of the best ways to go about doing this. Really, the internship is a win-win situation for everyone involved. To the employer, your internship […]
  • How Interns Can Maximize Their Tax Returns - Even though you have a million and one things vying for your attention during the last two years of college, you know that fulfilling an internship is a key step towards nailing a great job after graduation. It takes an awful lot of time to find all of those internship opportunities, put together a resume […]
  • Different Types of Forensic Science Internships Available - The forensic sciences are a great career for those looking to contribute something valuable to society in a huge way, and there a ton of options that can help you get started on a long and illustrious path of using science to help solve crimes and bring justice to those who need it most. All […]
  • How Interns Can Be Helpful and Upbeat Without Being Annoying - Internships are some of the most exciting positions that exist on the job market. Depending on what kind of company in which you wind up, an internship will get you the right foot in the door you’ll need to begin your career in earnest. It’s the proving grounds in almost every case, however, so your […]
  • Growth In Healthcare Has Students Considering Medical Careers - Working in the medical field is an option for many college students across the country. Whether it is for the career stability in a growing field, the thought of helping others, or the money; healthcare is growing and will always be needed. Although this career field is growing, there are and always will be some […]
  • Tax Breaks That All College Students Should Know About - College has become so difficult to afford that many students and their parents are wondering if it’s even possible. The downturn in the economy has affected millions of Americans, and there seems to be no relief in sight for students. Financial aid debt continues to rise, the future of interest rates is murky, and there […]
  • The Best Internship Options for Math Majors - So, you’re in school to study math. And honestly, you’re not totally sure why you selected that as your college major other than the fact that it’s something that you really enjoy and you’ve heard that when it comes to a life profession, you should definitely do something that you’re passionate about. However, you’re approaching […]
  • 5 Careers You Should Intern at Today That Will Be There Tomorrow - In today’s economy, every day is a struggle for working people. The job market is changing, leaving young people and even currently employed professionals worrying about their futures and job security. Many individuals may want higher pay, better benefits, or more perks at their job, but that is a far-cry from the worry of many […]
  • Legal Issues Surrounding Internships - Hiring interns is a practice that is beneficial to both students and businesses in a number of ways. For students, education is the main goal, and many take on internships during the course of their college career in order to gain insight into the working world and the industry that they are soon to enter. […]
  • Budget Summer Travel Tips for the Broke College Intern - Summer is a glorious season, especially while still in school. Sunny skies, warm weather, and no classes equal a much-needed break for stressed out students. A student’s budget, however, doesn’t lend itself easily to taking many summer trips. If you’re a summer intern itching to get away, follow these tips to help create a budget-friendly […]

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  • What Makes a Successful Intern? - You might be surprised to learn that the characteristics of a successful intern are somewhat different from those of a successful employee, but when you think about it, the two groups also harbor divergent goals, despite the fact that they may be doing virtually the same job. Whereas an employee is trying to earn a […]
  • How to Get Through a Terrible Internship - Whether you’re a law student or a journalist, an actor or a writer for the stage, many occupations require that you act as an intern first before you can be taken seriously in your chosen profession (and, if you’re lucky, your internship includes a stipend!). For many people, being an intern is a positive experience, […]
  • How You Can Make the Most of Your Internship - For a college student, summer is often a time to either have a job or get an internship. And, oftentimes, the challenge between which one to pick is that while a part-time job at a mall or restaurant guarantees an income, while some internships actually do pay, there are even more than offer either a […]
  • The Chronicles of a Relentless Would-Be Intern - The days of my useless summer are mashing together into a one congealed blob of “ugh,” as I desperately scour the waves of the Internet for some shred of a *gasp* summer internship. I have developed relationships with two powerful men: "Craig" (you may have heard of his list), and "Ed" (2010 that is) who have given me very little in return for the intimate hours we have spent together (... men).