• When it comes to offshoring, do your homework! - Depending on what type of industry you're in, and depending on what you're looking for in terms of help, choosing 'Country X' over 'Country Y' may come down to how comprehensive their respective legal/legislative systems are in protecting the rights of companies doing offshoring business within their borders.
  • Offshoring Innovation – A Trend That’s Here to Stay? - Innovation is a global trend that some companies have mastered and others haven't. Innovation has become crucial in this age of ever changing technology, and is one of the first stepping stones of success in the business world. However instead of staying within the safety of company for new ideas, business owners are looking all over the world for fresh innovation.
  • “The Sweet Life” Globalization and Offshoring Can Bring - In today's New York Times, there is a lengthy and fascinating piece detailing a rapidly increasing byproduct of India's economic boom times - and we're not talking about GDP. As the article says: In a changing India, it seems to go this way: make good money and get cars, get houses, get servants, get meals out, get diabetes. You want a sobering stat? Here you go, "In 20 years, projections are that there may be a staggering 75 million Indian diabetics." Who is a prime target for this dreaded disease? I'll give you a hint: it's not farmers!
  • “Resource Turbulence” Bumpy Times Ahead for India? - No matter what, changes that allow more 'have-nots' in India to become 'haves' can't be looked at by anyone as anything but a good thing, in and of itself. But in the process, will the growing pains involved in creating a more equitable Indian workforce irreparably harm the country's well-earned place in the world as a leading provider of highly-skilled, highly-efficient labor?
  • “Medical Tourism” The Latest Outsourcing Niche to Take Off - The so-called medical tourism phenomena where patients who lack adequate medical insurance and the money for high-cost, often-life-saving surgical procedures opt to travel from the US to countries like India, Thailand, Singapore, Mexico, etc., is an example of a booming outsourcing niche. And it's only going to get bigger from here.
  • Working with the “enemy”: Co-opetition is driving innovation today - This new era of globalization has opened the door to co-opetition for small businesses as well. I think if small businesses embrace globalization and take the options it provides them seriously, co-opetition could be their answer - at least in addressing the new competition brought in by multinationals from BRIC nations I touched on in an earlier post.
  • Will Global Layoffs Benefit India? - It is premature to believe that the business that was once theirs will now come to India. Much of it is hi- tech work that doesnt fit into the current paradigm of the Indian outsourcing industry.
  • Where do you go for offshoring help? These days, it’s a whole wide world. - Of course, all this is a very good thing for businesses in the U.S. and elsewhere that are in need of some offshoring help. More countries offering quality offshoring services means more options and more negotiationg leverage for these companies. It's a "win-win," as that horrible old cliche goes.
  • Where Does America Go From Here? - Encourage America's corporations to begin to turn their focus away from products and services that are easily 'commoditized' by countries like China, India, Brazil, etc. and instead focus on what America allegedly has always done best - 'innovation' and 'marketing."
  • What Can a Small Biz Outsource? - The point is, when you begin to think of all the tasks that get done remotely, the list gets pretty long. And that presents big opportunity for small business.