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  • Reduce Your Company’s Energy Costs: Join Padosa on November 17 -
  • Challenges with Going Green - This article examines some of the more common challenges companies face when trying to go green and the ways in which they overcome these challenges.
  • Padosa on Facebook and Twitter - Padosa aims to communicate with its membership and create new members through Facebook and Twitter. We view these sites as opportunities to build our community and exchange information.
  • Recycling Resources - This is an extensive resource list including where to get information about recycling,waste reduction, green purchasing,printing and packaging, food waste in NJ and composting.
  • What - Is recycling fiscally responsible? Does it really lower your carbon footprint? Is it worth all the trouble? Implementing a recycling program at work can seem daunting and does present many challenges. However, there are several solutions to making it a bit easier and to saving money and waste. Learn about ways to reduce, reuse and recycle at work.
  • Conducting an Energy Audit - To become energy efficient, the first step is to conduct an energy audit. In this article, find out how to conduct one at your business.
  • Go Green. Get Green. - Welcome to Padosa.com! We hope this site provides you ideas for saving money, and for becoming more sustainable. Read further to learn how!
  • Energy Efficient Lighting - A basic overview of the different types of high-efficiency lighting.
  • Reducing Energy Costs - This document provides an overview on ways to save money by increasing your energy efficiency.
  • How to get started with sustainability? -