Green Business

  • How to Purchase Green Products - Green Purchasing is a practical starting point to implement sustainability practices at work. From procuring environmentally friendly office products to recycling, there are lots of ways to quickly and fairly easily begin your sustainable efforts.
  • Investing Green: a Guide for New Buyers - New to green investing or investing in general? This guide will help you make the right choices for your business, environment, and community while you're looking for a place to put all that new money.
  • Green Leases: A Primer - How is a "green lease" different than an ordinary lease? How can it save you money? This article explores the advantages and disadvantages of a green lease.
  • Small Business Financing for Green Organizations -
  • It Doesn’t Matter How You Package Your Sustainable Product - Simply, most people aren't going to understand your sustainable efforts, so focus on making your product better, not showing it off.
  • What is a Green Lease? - As companies are increasingly looking for ways to support the environment, a Green Lease is an effective starting point. Learn about specific actions Landlords are taking to be more eco-conscious.
  • “Why Does Sustainability Matter to My Business?” - From customers to government agencies, all are demanding companies to take on corporate responsibility. Suppliers, investors, consumers alike are demanding companies to examine their business practices and take responsibility for its impact on the environment and society.
  • TerraCycle – Getting Inspiration from Garbage - Waste provides businesses with opportunities to save money, support the environment and creatively market your company. There are lots of valuable things to learn from TerraCycle, a unique organization that produces and packages all of their products from garbage.
  • Great WSJ Article on ROI of Green - Yesterday I wrote about the importance of environmentalists speaking in the language of business if they wanted to affect business performance. Today's WSJ has an excellent article in support of this. The article reviews the success of a program at a Subaru manufacturer that embraced green manufacturing 20 years ago.