3. Case Studies

  • e3bank: A Study in Sustainable Banking - e3bank in Malvern, PA has earned the esteemed recognition as a B Corporation - a company that ?uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.?
  • Terracycle: A Case Study on Going Green - An introduction to a video that shows worm poop getting turned into fertilizer at Terracycle.
  • Grippies: A Sustainable Success Story - Grippies took an existing successful product and re-packaged it to make it more environmentally friendly. This process resulted in better value to the customer and to the company's fiscal bottom line.
  • Toyota: A Drive Towards the Future - Toyota has been tireless in trying to create the ideal eco-car. They have made tremendous progress and are on a continual quest to promote a sustainable planet and a sustainable financial bottom line.
  • Companies that Use Sustainability to Drive Innovation - There are a myriad of opportunities companies can create to use sustainability to drive innovation. Rejuvenation and Sage's Way Landscaping are examples of two companies that have creatively approached sustainability to help the planet and help drive profit.
  • Sustainable Businesses in Australia, Pt. 3: The Fairfield City Partnership - Part three of a three-part series examining different sustainable businesses in the U.K. In this chapter, we look at the collaboration between Fairfield City and The Smithfield Wetherill Park Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Sustainable Businesses in Australia, Pt. 2: the 60L Green Building - Part two of a three-part series examining different sustainable businesses in the U.K. In this chapter, we look at the 60L Green Building in Melbourne.
  • For An Eco-Friendly Franchise Concept: Pizza Fusion Delivers - Pizza Fusion, an up-and-coming restaurant franchise, practices sustainability throughout its organization. From the organic pizza and other organic menu options to the company-owned hybrid vehicles that deliver the food, Pizza Fusion is passionate about making eco-friendly choices. Each Pizza Fusion restaurant is built to LEED certification standards and the newly opened NJ franchise is the first LEED certified restaurant in New Jersey.
  • Designing Consumer Products for Home: A Case Study - This article provides a high-level overview of Method Home, a company that sells a variety of green personal care products.
  • The Road to Brew-topia - Interested in how sustainable practices get applied inside a growing business? Brooklyn Brewery is committed to improving their sustainable practices. The company is doing a number of things to improve their operation.