b. Save Money

  • How To Fix An Oil Leak - Oil leaks are very messy for the environment and can be a huge financial burden. Learn about simple ways to clean up an oil leak.
  • Hidden Green Savings in Tankless Water Heaters - Tankless water heaters save space, money and energy. They are a practical and economical way to get hot water for your business and the Federal Government offers tax credits for purchasing tankless water heaters.
  • A Green Approach to Office Technology - There are many opportunities for companies to significantly reduce savings through purchasing energy efficient office equipment. This article provides lots of resources about programs available to help businesses save money through sustainable technology initiatives.
  • Reducing Energy Use By Glimpsing Your Neighbor’s Bill - Some utilities are sending customers their monthly bill, detailing how they fare on their electricity usage compared with their neighbors. This concept of comparison has been researched to be highly effective in influencing people to positive action. Positive Energy, a company that works with utilities on assessing neighborhoods' energy usage, is helping to effectively reduce energy use.
  • Eco Intelligent Banking - Where we choose to deposit our money is an important decision. This piece explores the many aspects that we take into account when choosing a bank, including financial and ecological factors.
  • Greening Your Water Bill - The way you landscape your facility can help significantly reduce your operating costs. Using native plants, harvesting rainwater and installing efficient watering systems are three straightforward ways to save money on your building's operating costs.
  • What - Is recycling fiscally responsible? Does it really lower your carbon footprint? Is it worth all the trouble? Implementing a recycling program at work can seem daunting and does present many challenges. However, there are several solutions to making it a bit easier and to saving money and waste. Learn about ways to reduce, reuse and recycle at work.
  • New Jersey Green Incentives - New Jersey's Clean Energy Program offers businesses lots of opportunities to save money through installing energy efficient technologies. We offer details on some of the incentive programs applicable to small businesses.
  • Tele commuting: An Excellent Means to Save Money for Your Business - Telecommuting has become a popular choice for business owners who are looking to increase efficiency, morale, and cut back on costs. Find out more in this article.
  • Getting Started: Low Cost Electricity Savings - One of the most common questions we hear is "My electricity bill is too high - how can I lower it? Where do I get started?" There is so much opinion on this. This article details a few of the best ideas we've encountered for getting started quickly.