Eco Friendly Gadgets for Your Business

Fri, Nov 30, 2012

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The growing concern of environmental conservation is causing businesses everywhere to change their ways, one step at a time. It won’t be easy to undo the damage done to our environment, but if everyone does their part we can ensure a better future for the coming generations. Consider using some of these eco-friendly gadgets for your business to cut down on wasted energy and resources.

  1. Energy Efficient Lamps
    Employees who continue their work into the later evening hours need light by which to read and type, and rather than light a whole floor or using bright burning halogen bulbs for illumination, businesses can be ecologically conscious by using energy saving lamps for workers. Natural spectrum lamps from Verilux save lots of energy as opposed to traditional lamps, and come outfitted with 10,000 hour bulbs.
  2. Eco-Friendly Hand Dryers
    Office bathrooms have always been a place of much energy usage, particularly in the area of hand washing. Obviously your employees need to be able to wash and dry their hands, but not at the expense of our natural resources. Power wasting hand dryers and countless rolls of paper towels are no longer necessary thanks to Mitsubishi’s newly developed eco-friendly hand dryers, we no longer have to feel guilty about cleanliness. This new dryer works just as well as any other on the market, but gets the job done with less power needed–this adds up to big energy savings over time.
  3. Bamboo Flash Drives
    Flash drives have become ubiquitous in both the business and personal lives of people everywhere due to their ease of use and high storage capacity compared to previous portable data storage solutions. However, they are almost always encased in plastic, a fact that is difficult to reconcile with a green consciousness. A new company called Brando is offering USB flash drives that are encased in bamboo, a durable and renewable resource that works just as well as plastic for this application but without the waste of plastic.
  4. Solar Chargers
    When you or your employees hit the road for business trips, keeping your electronic devices powered up is a major concern. Rather than holding out on your last bits of battery life until you reach a hotel or airport charging station, start carrying around portable solar chargers. These devices store solar energy all day for use whenever you need it. Never again let your smart phones or mobile credit card processing devices die unexpectedly. Stay powered, and do it the eco-friendly way with solar chargers.
  5. Energy Saving Power Strips
    Power strips and surge protectors have been used for computing and electronics for years. What many people don’t realize is that these power strips can be great energy savers as well. Electronics continue to pull energy from your electrical outlets after they’re turned off, and the only way to complete sever the current is to unplug them. New energy saving power strips allow you to easily cut of this current by intelligently cutting off power to various plugs once the central device has been shut down.
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