5 Ways That Environmental Awareness Can Help Build Your Business

Fri, Apr 5, 2013

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You’d have to be living under a rock at this point to be unaware of eco-catchphrases like “global warming”, “alternative energy”, and “habitat loss”. And as someone who runs a business entity, you may also know that companies across every conceivable industry are working to clean up their operations in order to come into compliance with EPA regulations, and even go far beyond what is expected. What you may not know is that increasing your awareness of environmental issues (and solutions) so that you can adopt a more sustainable and eco-friendly outlook for your business can have myriad benefits. So if you’re looking for new opportunities to build your business, here are just a few ways that taking a green approach can deliver the goods.

  1. Save money. For most businesses every decision, large or small, comes down to the bottom line, and enacting green policies and practices is no different. Although some eco-initiatives will certainly cost you money up front, there are many options that are also free, and the vast majority of changes you make in the way of sustainability will save you money in the long run, perhaps even paying for themselves and then some over time. Going paperless, for example, could cost you nothing, especially if you already have software in place that makes hard copies redundant, and it could save you a lot on office supplies. And despite the fact that adding solar panels to your building is a pricy undertaking initially, the lack of electric bills for those in sunny climes (along with power sold back to the grid) could leave you in the black on the deal within just a few years.
  2. Cut waste and pollution. You might not see the direct benefit to your company of cutting pollution and waste, although the benefit to the environment is clear. However, cutting waste, in particular, could definitely streamline your operations and save you time and money. If nothing else you’ll probably pay less for waste disposal. And depending on your business, cutting pollution might save you from pricy and time consuming clean-ups later on.
  3. Collaborate. When you decide to go green you may find that you open doors to business opportunities with other eco-friendly operations. This could allow for partnerships or at least cross promotion, which will almost certainly be to the benefit of everyone involved.
  4. Support the community. Your local (or online) community supports your business and keeps your doors open. By striving to become a more responsible and sustainable company you can give something back to your patrons, by way of a cleaner planet and better health.
  5. Branding. You don’t need environmental data resources to tell you that more and more consumers are seeking goods and services that reflect their eco-friendly ideals. And if you can offer such fare you can certainly capitalize on your efforts by branding yourself as an eco-friendly business entity. This could bring more than public goodwill; it might also endear you to a new and growing demographic and deliver increased sales. It is said that you have to spend money to make money, and this is one instance where the adage seems to be true, except that you’ll also save money when you adopt sustainable practices.
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