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Tue, Dec 9, 2008

Strategy and Execution

Our process for realizing strategy is based on The Balanced Scorecard, a well regarded tool for helping companies achieve success. Unlike most management tools that focus on financial measures, the Balanced Scorecard provides a more balanced perspective on the company’s performance. It looks at the relationship between Financial, Customer, Internal Operations, and Growth and Learning perspectives and assures they are in alignment.

Here’s how we use it to drive your bottom line:

1. Determine where you want to go

We’ll develop and/or clarify your strategy as needed, starting with your mission, vision, and values. We’ll review them with you and make sure they are ready to be acted upon.

2. Map out how to get where you want to go

We’ll develop action plans for your organization that connect what each individual does to actions that drive the strategy. This alignment assures your company is working towards your vision.

3. Keep track of your progress

We’ll use the Balanced Scorecard to help monitor progress and make course adjustments along the way. It helps you continually improve your plans and actions based on objective data.

The heart of the performance management tool is measurement. We’ll develop metrics with you that allow you to continually assess organizational performance. The metrics will help you predict success and failure and evaluate results.

4. Make sure you arrive at your destination

We stay with you at every turn as you execute your strategy. We’ll help get your team ready, keep all actions aligned in support of the strategy, set your internal communications plan, and make sure processes and systems are in place.

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