Progress Over Perfection

Tue, Dec 9, 2008

Strategy and Execution

The concept of Progress Over Perfection is that the goal is to make progress, evaluate, and then progress some more. Perfection is only the end result of many iterations of progress. Too many businesses take the opposite approach by defining a perfect plan and then working until that plan is complete. It is more effective to move at a steady pace and correct and learn from mistakes along the way.

The concept of the Balanced Scorecard is based upon this premise. The company’s strategy is defined or redefined and a scorecard is implemented for that particular strategy. Once the scorecard is implemented, it is continually reviewed. The strategy and scorecard are constantly evaluated and re-evaluated to see if changes need to be made. Companies don’t work in a vacuum and therefore their environment changes constantly. There are changes to the industry, the market, and technology. Competitors change. Companies need to be flexible to succeed.

Progress Over Perfection also:

* allows for rapid-prototyping. Rapid prototyping allows you to evaluate and change things quickly. If you wait for feedback much later, there is a good chance that things can not be changed quickly.
* Provides results early, which makes it easy for people to understand what is occurring – it makes the objective concrete.
* promotes feedback and learning.

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