How India Is Now Building For Success

Thu, Dec 11, 2008


In India, which along with China, is regarded as the current near-perfect model of the globalization era, they still have their problems (oops ‘“ I mean ‘challenges’). Specifically, their infrastructure needs are enormous and are seen by most analysts as the primary, ongoing obstacle to the country maintaining its impressive economic growth rate of the past decade.

Up until now, India’s infamous, historical bureaucratic maze combined with all the inherent problems (oops – I mean ‘challenges’) associated with a one billion plus population have resulted in crumbling roads, substandard airports and woefully inadequate power supply resources.

But these days, India believes it has found a way to build a better mousetrap ‘“ well, they don’t actually need to build better mousetraps, but they do need to build a whole bunch of other stuff, and quick!

The solution? Public/Private partnerships for all sorts of desperately needed development projects throughout the country. You can read all about it here.

Public and private sector leaders in India know that the country has ridden this offshoring trend to amazing heights over the past several years. But they also realize India must now make fundamental changes in how crucial infrastructure upgrades occur, or the country’s precious set of competitive advantages will quickly crumble – along with its aging highway systems.

Will they succeed? Based on their recent track record, I certainly wouldn’t bet against them. But make no mistake ‘“ the clock is ticking, and we all know that the best intentions/plans don’t always end in successful results. We shall see.

And finally’¦how about America? For example, will its current and future leaders have the necessary will, long-term thinking and out-of-the-box mindset to make fundamental adjustments in its own educational ‘infrastructure’ problems (I think by now you know I mean ‘challenges’) to thrive in this brave new era of globalization?

I truly hate to say it, but those odds seem a bit longer to me ‘“ at least right now.

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