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Mon, Jun 6, 2011

Internship Information

 As a senior in college I have held two past internships, including one at a major magazine. I have also managed to work on several student publications and Internprogram360.com while maintaining a semi decent GPA. “Why does this matter?” you ask.  It matters because this past month I found myself near the end of my college career with a desperate need for an internship for credit. Now, with my resume it should be easy to find an internship right? Guess again!

In fact I found my internship, interviewed and started it all last week. A few weeks past the actual deadline I might add. Why am I telling you this? Because, I believe it is important for future interns to understand that the internship search can be hard and overwhelming, but these are not reasons to give up. In fact the harder you work at getting an internship shows your work effort, and this will hopefully translate into you doing well at your internship. So fellow interns and internship seekers I leave you with this, anything worth having is worth working for. So continue to send out those resumes if you have not already found your dream internships yet! And for those of you, who have started your internships, continue you do your best on every assignment.

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By Britany Ruby. Britany is a senior Applied Communications major at Kent State University. She is an Internet addict, facebook junkie, compulsive twitterhead and obsessive blogger. Contact Britany at bruby@kent.edu.

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