How To Turn Your Internship Into A Full-Time Job

Wed, Sep 1, 2010

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Most students who start an internship search are not looking to turn their internship into a full-time job. They may just be thinking of gaining some useful skills or fulfilling a requirement for graduation. However, doing a superior job at your internship could be a great way to make a good impression and land a full-time job.

In fact, many employers who look for college interns say that they are likely to hire interns who do an excellent job. The question is how can you make sure that you are doing quality work and you are the type of employee that the company would consider hiring full-time at the end of your internship? Here are some tips to help you.

  1. Do a superior job with your work and then ask for more. Obviously, you should also do the work required of you first. Try to go above and beyond what was asked and complete projects efficiently, neatly and with more quality than was expected. After you finish your work, ask for more. A supervisor loves nothing more than an employee who is willing to do more than their share.
  2. Ask questions. Employers love it when their employees ask questions. Ask for advice when completing projects. Ask about the company, its goals and future. Interns who ask insightful questions are more likely to be hired at the end of an internship.
  3. Get to know people. Learn the names of your co-workers and supervisors and get to know them on more than a professional level. If people in the company know you as a real person and not just an anonymous intern then they will be more likely to want to keep you in the company.
  4. Don’t get caught up in office politics. It can be difficult but do your best to avoid gossip at the office and any negative comments. Such negativity can affect your performance and will impact your chances of being hired permanently.
  5. Make a good impression. Show enthusiasm for the work you are given. Do not send personal emails or take part in activities that are not work related while on the job. Leave your personal life at home and focus on work when you are there.  
  6. Leave on a good note. Maybe when you leave your internship you will not be immediately offered a full-time job, but you should still seek out your supervisors and thank them. Sending a thank you note leaves a positive impression too. Interns who leave on a good foot and show gratitude for the opportunity will be more likely to be considered for a full time position.  

By Sara Beck. Sara is an MBA student and loves to travel. She blogs at www.sarabeck.wordpress.com.

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