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Fri, Mar 26, 2010

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Are you addicted to shows like Project Runway, Kell on Earth, and The City?  Are your friends always coming to you for style advice? Do you devour magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Glamour? Do you wonder if you can turn your passion for fashion into a career?

An internship in the fashion industry is a great way to test out your interests. There are fashion internships in a variety of fields.

Types of Fashion Internships

Most of these internships are based in New York City, the fashion hub of America.


Interns at Teen Vogue contribute to this blog that details what it’s like to be a fashion intern at a major magazine. While it’s clear they all love fashion and their internships, a lot of their tasks involve organizing closets and packing and shipping clothes and accessories for photo shoots.  If you’re interested in the editorial side of fashion, it’s a great stepping-stone and resume builder.


If you want to be a fashion designer, interning with a designer is a great way to learn the industry and showcase your skills. Depending on where you intern, you might be dressing models, organizing the showroom, or even sketching designs.


Many clothing and department stores offer fashion internships. Buying or merchandising interns work with the store’s buyers – the people who choose what the store sells each season.  Besides a passion for fashion, buying interns need research and analytical skills to crunch sales numbers.

Public Relations Firms

Much like traditional public relations internships, fashion pr internships focus on market research and media relations.  Public relations firms run their clients fashion shows, so interns are involved with a lot of behind-the-scenes planning.  Along with merchandising internships, fashion pr internships are great for exploring the business side of the industry.

Where to Find Fashion Internships

College Career Center

Like with all internships, your first stop should be the career center.  Career counselors may be aware of internships that aren’t public. They can also connect you with alumni who are working in the fashion industry. And it’s best to have a career counselor check your resume and cover letter before sending them to an employer.

Your Professors

If you attend a fashion school, your professors are a valuable resource. Ask them about opportunities and if you can use them as references.

Online Resources

For internships at fashion magazines (or magazines in general), www.ed2010.com is a great resource.

Some publishers, like Condé Nast, have structured internship programs that require candidates to apply directly through their web sites.

If there’s a particular store or designer that you’d love to intern for, check their website often for new internships.

Daily Fashion Jobs is another great resource that lists internships with designers and stores.

PR Couture is a great resource for public relations fashion internships.

By Danielle Bullen.  Danielle is a writer and resident of the Philadelphia area. Danielle can be reached at DanielleBullen@comcast.net.

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