Process and Innovation

Creating new ways to improve your operations, increase profit and make your business unique are explored in this section.

  • How do companies win these days? By changing the rules!! - Process Innovation may appear unglamorous or unfamiliar to many executives, but it can provide new opportunities for competing, as well as superior business performance.
  • Make the World Your Innovation Lab! - Are you tired of playing the waiting game with innovation? Yes, Proctor and Gamble was too. Instead, of waiting on new ideas to come to them they found ideas elsewhere. Read how Proctor and Gamble became inspired by innovation outside of the business world.
  • Process Mapping - For a smaller yet growing company, documenting processes is extremely important. Why? I'm glad you asked.
  • How to create a Process Map? - Let's start creating your process map

Business Innovation

Process in Business

  • Process Innovation - Creating new ways, not improving existing processes, has proven extraordinarily successful to many corporations.
  • Value of Processes - Step-by-step analysis and explanation of vital management processes.