Common Cash Flow Issues for Businesses and How to Fix Them

Mon, Oct 22, 2012


The responsibility of owning and/or operating a business is a big one. It doesn’t even matter what the size or scale of your operation is — running and being responsible for a place that does commerce has high stakes no matter what. If you’re self-employed, then you’re risking the future of your financial situation, and possibly even your reputation. Whether self-employed or not, if you’ve got employees you have the responsibility of providing a safe and positive environment for those who work for you, and of keeping your business afloat so they have a place that can continue to employ them their wages. Even if the business isn’t your own, you’re still in charge of someone else’s creation, and this can be a heavy responsibility. When cash flow starts to be an issue, it can be easy to panic. We’ll talk about a few pretty simple solutions that can address some of business’ most common cash flow issues so you can get your company back in the black and continue to move forward.

Get a handle on your invoicing and accounts receivable. The way these two things are handled are seriously one of the biggest cash flow problems for businesses, and it’s usually because they don’t have a handle on these things the way they should. Tightening the reins on your invoicing practices are a great way to make sure you’re getting what you should be getting on time — sloppy invoicing is a real issue in terms of cash flow, and getting your grip on it a little tighter is a really good way for a business owner or operator to make a cash flow issue disappear in high time. To a similar effect, raising prices might help you out a bit in this area as well. Wouldn’t your cash flow look better automatically if there were more cash coming in, by default? This can be as simple as a little price boost if it’s something your company really needs.

When these things don’t get you any closer to the cash flow you want, you can try having a look at your accounting situation. If you’ve got an internal accountant, then you might want to check out how they’re doing what they’re doing and get a second opinion as to whether or not they could be doing a better job. If you’re working with an accounting firm, consider doing similarly. Shaking up your accounting situation can be a great way to right a cash flow wrong if you need to.

Whether you’re looking for accounting firms Houston or otherwise, there are a ton of companies that can take a look at your company’s ledger and tell you some good ways to make things look a little more the way you want them to. Realizing you have a cash flow problem is easier less of a horrible thing when you have a good idea as to how to go about dealing with it.

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