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Energy Reduction

  • Recycling: A Sound Business Practice - Recycling is a sound business practice. Here we cite some examples of successful recycling practices by businesses that has helped reduce waste and saved money.
  • What is Recycling? - When a product or material, at the end of its useful life cycle, is turned into usable raw material to make another product, the process is called recycling. Products that can be recycled include metal cans, glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles, magazines and newspaper, cardboard boxes and other office waste. Recycling is an environmentally […]

Energy Saving

  • Portable Air Conditioners: Saving Energy & Cost - Portable air conditioners are effective and energy efficient. In this article, get an idea on how to purchase an energy efficient portable air conditioning unit.
  • 5 Steps to Creating an Employee Awareness Program - The nation’s small businesses spend more than $60 billion on energy each year, according to Small Business Review. It would seem to make good business sense to develop an employee awareness plan (EAP) for energy savings. But if creating an awareness program quickly and at a low cost has you bothered, not to worry. Your company can save […]
  • Saving Money By Reducing Your Carbon Footprint - Reducing your carbon footprint can save you money. By factoring life cycle cost & environmental impact of products and services, and setting a budget, you can reduce your carbon footprint and realize notable savings. Step 1: Life-cycle Cost Analysis When you purchase a product or a service, the price that you pay is just one […]
  • How to Start a Recycling Program - To start a recycling program at work requires time and effort to reap the true benefits of recycling. Consider the eight tips mentioned in this How-to article on recycling program.

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