The Benefits of Hiring Disabled Individuals for Your Green Business

Thu, Nov 15, 2012

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As your company has been expanding, you may be in the fortunate position of being able to hire more staff to do certain jobs. The thing is, you’ve been doing a bit of research and you’ve continued to see articles that state the fact that it can be a real benefit to you to hire a person with a disability. Yet, you’re still not totally sure if that’s the route that you want to take.

If you have a thriving green business and you want a few clear-cut reasons for why adding a few disabled individuals to your team is a smart thing to do, we have five of them for you right here:

There are tax benefits. When you’re being eco-friendly, this means that you’re making conscious choices about how you utilize your resources, right? Well, just like you can get tax deductions for making your office more energy-efficient, you can also get tax deductions for making your place of business more accommodating to those who have disabilities.

They tend to be quite qualified. Unfortunately, there tends to be such a stigma when it comes to hiring people with disabilities that people automatically overlook some of the best employees that they could ever ask for. By pushing past any assumptions or misconceptions that you may have and actually interviewing some disabled people for the positions that are available, there’s a huge chance that you could end up being pleasantly surprised by what they have to offer.

It can expand your company focus. Suppose you are a company that sells car parts. After hiring a few people in wheelchairs, talking to them about their lifestyle and exploring websites like 1800wheelchair.com, you might consider expanding into selling parts for another mode of transportation: wheelchairs. The point here is this: Anytime that you put yourself into the position of consistently interacting with individuals who are unlike you, it expands your perspective on life along with your worldview. When that happens, it opens up new doors to networking and exploring other options that can cause your company to thrive and become even more of a success.

It can keep your legal woes to a minimum. There are a lot of companies that get sued on an annual basis and it’s all due to discrimination based on people’s age, race and yes, even their physical capabilities. It sends a wonderful message when you hire someone who has a disability to work for you. Plus it shows that your company works in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. That’s always a good thing.

It’s good for your image. There are many studies to support the fact that when clients and customers know that a particular company has disabled individuals on its staff, it conveys a message of great professional compassion and integrity. This, in turn, causes individuals to want to do (more) business with that organization. A beautiful thing about green companies is that they send a message of being community-oriented and when that includes hiring people from all walks of life, it makes that point just that much clearer.

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