OT: Come On Now You Rodents!

Mon, Apr 6, 2009

6. Misc.

On the way to get pizza with my younger son, my wife noticed a squirrel running around the street. (See picture below.) The squirrel stayed near the car and at first we thought he was carrying a potato chip bag. Then we noticed the bag was covering his head. Baghead as my son called him, stayed near the tire and wouldn’t move. Poor Baghead.

I forgive the squirrel for acting like the rodent he is. I just wish the human chip eater had acted in accordance with his/her species’ abilities.

I shall spare you my (trite) views of the garbage owner and his/her ignorance. Just figured I’d post this picture as a bit of inspiration to clean up after yousrelf. While this post has nothing to do with the main purpose of this site (making it easy to green your business, profitably), hopefully it will remind you of a higher purpose to this cause.

Going green will get you more green. If you won’t do it for your wallet though, do it for Baghead.



PS The story has a happy ending – we got the bag off of him, and Baghead is safe, and probably free of the urge to have some chips with his acorns.

squirrel in bag

squirrel in bag

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