5 Ways to Establish Your Small Business As Eco-Friendly

Wed, Dec 4, 2013

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recycleWhether you have plans of launching an eco-friendly enterprise from the get-go or you’re looking for ways to greenify your current business, you’ll find that there is no shortage of ways to establish your company as an entity concerned with environmental protection. And while you can certainly implement policies around the office designed to make your operations less harmful for the planet, like setting up recycling bins for your employees to use, you might not necessarily gain any public recognition for such efforts. Not that you’re doing it for promotional reasons, per se, but if you’re going to go the extra mile with your environmental practices, there’s no reason you shouldn’t gain the benefits that come with operating a green business venture. Here are just a few ways that you can help to establish your small business as an eco-friendly organization.

  1. Meet and exceed EPA standards. The Environmental Protection Agency has rules and regulations in place to ensure that the byproducts of industry don’t destroy the planet that supports human life. So while your business will certainly have to live up to the laws that are in place, a truly green enterprise will strive to exceed those standards and do more at every turn to cut its carbon footprint and protect the planet for future generations.
  2. Green facilities. Many small businesses start out leasing office space, warehouses, or retail locations rather than spending the dough to buy a building. And even if you do have the cash on hand to purchase property, you might not want to spend extra to acquire eco-friendly commercial real estate. But you don’t have to find or build a LEED certified facility in order to green up the structures you operate out of. There are many levels of eco-friendliness that may be achieved where your facilities are concerned. For example, you could lease a space that features alternative energy solutions such as solar panels. Or you could contract with a sustainable builder to create a structure that suits all of your needs, including your budget.
  3. Sustainable materials and recycled packaging. Even if you don’t manufacture products that serve an eco-friendly purpose, that doesn’t mean you can’t get green by utilizing sustainable materials (those that are organic, sustainably harvested, or locally sourced, for example), as well as packaging made from 100% PCW paper or plastics. These steps will help to cut your carbon footprint by a significant margin and you can tout your efforts on the product packaging.
  4. Participate in green events. Whether you decide to plant a tree for every purchase, donate to environmental charities, or participate in Earth Day celebrations or other local events (or even host your own), it’s important to understand that linking your brand to eco-friendly efforts in a public way can help to establish your company as a green business entity.
  5. Promote in eco-friendly ways. There’s practically no better way to promote your business these days than by launching a websites, listing with brilliant directories, and participating in social media, not to mention a slew of other online and mobile strategies. And the best part is that it’s an eco-friendly alternative to penning print ads, handing out flyers, and producing paper brochures.
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