Designing Consumer Products for Home: A Case Study

Thu, Mar 5, 2009

3. Case Studies

Method Home offers home cleaning products that are biodegradable derived from natural ingredients such as soy, coconut & palm oils, and they come in environmentally responsible packaging. In 2006, Method products generated $85 million in revenues. According to the market research firm Kline, Method realized a 140% increase in sales in year 2006. Method is the seventh fastest growing company. Click here for the podcast on environmental entrepreneurship featuring Method.

Critical lessons in the success of Method products

The founders of Method, Eric Ryan & Adam Lowry, built their business based on the theory that you can make a product visually appealing as well as functional. So instead of selling the product as a ‘green’ cleaning product, they concentrated on making it modern, fun, and engaging. The products tell a fragrance story, a social responsibility story and a design aesthetic story. The Method products are stylishly packaged, smell pleasant and are environmentally friendly. The success of method products can be attributed to the following:

  • packaging,
  • good shelf space,
  • competitive pricing,
  • performance,
  • environmentally friendliness and
  • a unique marketing strategy

Packaging: The packaging design of Method products is very striking. The bottles carry a modern yet simple design. Every bottle has slowly tapering curves, is completely transparent, contain bright fluids and simple label with crisp fonts.

Performance: Consumers may think that eco-friendly products that do not contain chemicals may not be as effective. But the Method cleaning products work well and leave a pleasant, yet not overpowering smell.

Display: Method products are available in several retail stores such as Target, CVC, Lowes, etc.

Pricing: Most cleaning products that are environmentally friendly such as Green Works by Clorox are 20 to 25% more costly than the conventional products. Method cleaning product prices are comparable to leading brands.

Environment friendly: All Method product packaging is recyclable. Their refills come in pouches that use 83% less plastic and take less energy to produce. All their soaps say “if ingested, drink a glass of water.” Method products are environmentally safe, in formulation as well as in use & disposal.

Marketing:Method has created innovative marketing campaigns such as featuring a naked man cleaning house in one of their magazine ads. On a limited budget, Method launched the marketing campaign in 2004 entitled “people against dirty” to explain their philosophy & unique story. The campaign conveyed the message that conventional cleaning products leave behind toxic chemical residues. It was a huge success. In 2007, it launched another campaign “Detox your home” to showcase its biodegradable products. The campaign was a call to make small changes to live a healthier lifestyle.

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