5 Benefits of Building a Sustainable Business

Wed, May 8, 2013


Like every business owner, you have to think about the bottom line. Overspending now could mean that your company can’t meet payroll down the line, or that it will be out of commission by this time next year. So when it comes to implementing eco-friendly and sustainable practices you may be understandably hesitant to take the leap. After all, don’t these green changes cost a lot of money up front? In truth, there are many ways to operate in a sustainable manner, and while some could certainly require hefty funding initially (like solar panels, for example), many options are a lot less expensive or even free. You’ll simply have to start by doing a little research to figure out which sustainable practices are going to work best with your company and fit your current budget. And there is a silver lining; there are all kinds of benefits that come along with creating a business model that is better for the environment. Here are a few to consider.

  1. Cut costs. The first and most pertinent benefit of adopting sustainable business practices is that you will see savings over time. For example, although installing solar panels (or other alternative energy resources) will cost you a pretty penny up front, you won’t have to pay for power from the grid (supposing your area gets enough sunlight or other natural energy to meet your needs). This move could save you thousands of dollars each year, eventually paying for itself and then some. And nearly any sustainable effort is bound to increase efficiency and/or productivity, which will almost certainly save you money.
  2. Build your brand. Branding is a complex art form that requires you to take several variables into account in order to appeal to the public on a wide scale. And one of the things that consumers seem to find attractive these days is effort on the part of corporations to do less harm to the community and the environment at large. When you adopt sustainable practices you gain the bragging rights that go along with them. This means that you can mold your brand and your reputation for a brighter tomorrow, both environmentally and financially.
  3. Appeal to a new demographic. There is a growing segment of the consumer market clamoring for green goods and services. If you want to get a slice of this pie, sustainable practices could make your company far more appealing to this group than it has been in the past. And these people are often willing to spend more for products that conform to their eco-friendly demands.
  4. Increase investment opportunities. It’s not only consumers that will find your move to sustainability attractive; certain investors may show more interest when they discover that you’ve taken steps to reduce your carbon footprint.
  5. Preserve the planet. It doesn’t take a spreadsheet full of statistics from environmental data resources to tell you that our planet is in trouble thanks to the massive waste and pollution perpetrated by the human population. As a sustainable business entity you have the power to play a role in reversing this state of affairs and getting the planet back to a healthy place. The major benefit here is peace of mind.
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