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Wed, Mar 18, 2009

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Rendered Indian FlagThere is a lot of talk about environmental sustainability today. The emerging economic markets, China and India, are making inroads into sustainable energy use and energy efficiency to serve their rising energy demands. I am from India and I am pleasantly surprised to learn about so many environmental activities that are taking place there. The following are some interesting facts:

  • India has the fourth largest wind power industry in the world.
  • A new national Biofuels policy has been announced: The policy targets to achieve 20% of of the country’s diesel demand with plant-derived fuel by 2017.
  • India produces renewable energy that accounts for 32% of its total electricity generation capacity. According to a recent report, renewable electricity generation in India will rise by 15% in 2030 from less than 5% currently.
  • According to India’s sustainability index, The Tata Group is the top corporate leader in sustainable development followed by Reliance and Infosys.
  • Other notable facts:
  • India also has the world’s largest decentralized solar energy program.
  • It ranks second in the global renewable energy “Attractiveness Index” poll.
  • It operates the world’s 2nd largest biogas program.
  • It ranks fifth in the world in terms of exploitable hydro electricity generation.
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  1. RachelM Says:

    Interesting stuff – thanks Shilpa! I look forward to hearing more about India’s sustainability initiatives.

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