Top 100 Small Business Blogs at BlogRank

Mon, Jul 6, 2009

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If you’ve been looking for a go-to list of blogs about small business, look no further: BlogRank is here. The site, which compiles top 100 lists of the most-read blogs in (as of July 2009) 112 different categories, was launched last week after being in development for eight months. Data is pulled from nearly 20,000 different sites about baking, hip hop, and venture capital, to name a few types of blogs polled. Of particular interest to our readers is the list of small business blogs, which also includes direct links to each site’s RSS feed and usage statistics. Right now there is no “Green” or “Environmentalism” category, but BlogRank has a lot of room to grow. Time will tell if it becomes a useful tool.Small Business Trends (the BlogRank-certified number one small business blog) has the full story here. You can visit the BlogRank website by clicking here.

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