Weekly Sustainability Facts (Wal-Mart Edition)

Fri, Jul 17, 2009

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Wal-Mart: the mega-behemoth of a retailer known as the arch-enemy of small businesses, labor unions, women’s rights groups, and… carbon offsets? Yes, this week the chain made history with its much-reported sustainability index program, which rates green products for energy efficiency, longevity, and environmental friendliness. For many, Wal-Mart’s new role as sustainability policeman seems as sound an idea as leaving Sarah Palin in charge of The New Yorker. Is Wal-Mart up to the task? Find out, save money, and live better in this week’s edition of Weekly Sustainability Facts!

Get ready, get set, know!

Did You Know…

…That Phase 1 of this plan will go into action October 1st?

…But that the plan’s completion might take five to ten years?

…And that that is sooner than the UK’s own carbon cleanup program?

…While the United States still hasn’t figured one out?

…That the sustainability index will save everyone money?

…And that it will help green software engineers?

…That Wal-Mart is stopping a war?

…And that it recently killed a child?

…That there is no such thing as sustainability?

Wal-Marted out yet? Your host, Matt Lurie, is. Join us next week for another round of Weekly Sustainability Facts!

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