Noreena Hertz’s Call for Green Revolution

Thu, Dec 3, 2009

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Noreena Hertz, mentioned previously on Padosa.com, wrote a compelling editorial in the UK’s Guardian – The New Green Revolution. Worthy read – reminds me of Thomas Friedman’s call to action offered in Hot, Flat and Crowded as well as his other writing. Ms. Hertz offered this in advance of the Copenhagen meetings.

A few thoughts on the editorial:

  • 40-year payback for solar? Wow, that is crazy. I guess it is much better to be a solar company in the USA, particularly NJ. I am seeing payback periods coming within 7 years in NJ, and in some cases, sooner. Of course that is only a result of the generous Federal and state incentives. Governments have to support this technology to make it viable.
  • Ms. Hertz makes an excellent and often under publicized point – aside from what governments, investors and companies need to do, we need to make sacrifices. Buy smaller cars. Lower the heat. Turn off the lights.
  • My favorite line: “Nothing short of a green industrial revolution will deliver what is actually needed.”
  • China is a good example of how government action can drive change – a peculiar instance of a governmental bully pulpit doing good.

Like the industrial revolution, the green revolution will avert disaster and raise the quality of life for those that live to see it.

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