Copenhagen Conference: Setbacks & Successes

Wed, Dec 16, 2009

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No one can deny the fact that climate change is occurring quickly, and that we need to move even faster in order to combat it. This is why, according to BBC News, recently police in Copenhagen say 900 protesters have been detained following a huge climate change rally. The move came after youths threw bricks and smashed windows as more than 30,000 demonstrators marched. The goal of these protestors was to call the members of the conference to decisive action, as similar rallies around the world have recently done.

Furthermore, The New York Times reported that talks were stalled for a few hours this past Monday when dozens of developing countries, including China and India, refused to take part, saying that the world’s richer countries were not doing enough to cut their greenhouse gas emissions. Representatives walked out, but when they returned to the table, reporters noticed tension between the representation of richer and poorer countries.

Despite these short holdups, the members of the talks seem to be persisting in their negotiations. Currently on the agenda for representatives, again according to the above New York Times article, is discussing how to proceed with the Kyoto Protocol, which must be renewed or renegotiated by 2012. The protocol states that developing countries do not need to put a cap on their greenhouse gases, but will this change? Most harmful emissions come from developed countries like the U.S., which is willing to pay to help developing countries consider more renewable sources of energy. Thus, amidst a few difficulties and ongoing discussions, many agree that decisive action needs to be taken in order to reduce the harmful effects of drastic climate change.

By Fallon McCormick.

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