How To Fix An Oil Leak

Tue, Feb 9, 2010

b. Save Money

Just the thought of an oil tank leak is often enough to cause a homeowner stress. Is the tank too close to the house? Could the oil leak into the pipes and contaminate the water? How much will it cost to fix the problem? In addition to these standard questions, environmental conservationists have begun to consider a few more points concerning the ecological repercussions of an oil spill. What could an oil leak mean for the environment?Leaks are Messy & Costly

Underground tanks generally hold 250 to 1,000 gallons of heating oil, yet it only takes a miniscule hole in the structure to cause a devastating leak. Leaks, which are both messy for the environment and costly to fix, require immediate attention. The oil can contaminate drinking water wells, soil, and ground water, as well as sewers, drainage ditches, and surface water. “Oil leaks” can also cause odor and health problems in the home after polluting septic systems. Aside from being a hassle to deal with, and a detriment to one’s health, leakage can also cost thousands of dollars to correct. The longer an oil leak goes unchecked, the more dollars you burn for no reason. Remediation costs, often not covered by homeowners insurance, can range from $7,000 to $15,000.

ATS Trust – The Solution to Hassle Free Tank Removal

The key to preventing environmental problems is to catch them before they are detrimental. According to Atstrust.com, a New Jersey based company that guarantees hassle free oil tank removal, the mostreliable and practical methods of determining whether the tank has a problem are tank or soil tests. Dead vegetation in the yard and oil odors inside the home are other signs of leakage. Another way to check for leakage is to regularly monitor the status of a home’s sump pit for evidence of oil. By filling a clear glass jar, you can determine if the tank is leaking if there is oil present in the water sample. ATS Trust provides free estimates and works with the NJ tank grant program on providing customers with rebates. ATS helps homeowners complete and file all of the intensive paperwork required to successfully receive a state rebate. Oil tank leaks can be costly and an environmental burden, but if taken care of in a timely and responsible fashion, their impact can be minimal.

By Alexandria Bachert. Alexandria can be reached at bachert2@tcnj.edu.

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