Where to Go to Find Eco Friendly Office Furniture and Supplies

Thu, Mar 29, 2012

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During the spring, it’s usually not just a time for when people are cleaning their homes and office spaces; it’s also when they get the urge to do a bit of renovating. When it comes to your own workplace, if you can relate to wanting to try something new, why not upgrade your office by making it eco-friendly with some new (or different) furniture and office supplies?

Don’t know where to start looking? Start here.

Use energy-friendly equipment. These days, many offices are trading in the bulky desktops for laptops. Not only does it conserve space, but they also cut down the energy usage by up to 60%! Energy Star products are ones that have earned the rating of being good for the environment based upon how much energy a certain item consumes and how much lower monthly utility bills are as a direct result. For more information on how to locate an appliance or an electronic that is Energy Star certified, visit EnergyStar.gov.

Purchase “go green” office supplies. From recyclable pens, pencils and paper, to staplers that use your own paper to staple it shut, to used printer cartridges that include free toner recycling, it’s amazing the amount of eco-friendly office supply companies that are popping up. Just a few include DolphinBlue.com, SeeJaneWork.com, BuyGreen.com, TheGreenOffice.com, GreenEarthOfficeSupply.com and Rebinder.com. There are also national chains that are getting more into the “green swing of things” including Staples and Office Depot. Check out their options online.

Sit. Differently. Maybe you’d like to get a new chair, but you don’t know how you can incorporate that into the whole “go green” theme. Well, when it comes to purchasing an eco-friendly office chair, you need to get one that has parts that can be easily replaced, was made by recyclable materials and was also designed with non-toxic dyes and very little paints, adhesives or finish coats. Two companies that can provide you with chairs that check off on the entire list are GreenYour.com and BizChair.com. If you’d like a floor mat to place under the chair, NaturalAreaRugs.com has some that are made out of bamboo.

Go with “all-in-one” items. If you need a new printer, why not get one that prints, copies and sends faxes? Hewlett Packard currently has some really great sales that will probably remain for a while now that they’re merging two of their divisions. If it’s time to upgrade your kitchen area in the break room, GlobalIndustrial.com even sells all-in-one kitchens with the stove and sink all compromised into one unit.

Go with used furniture. Most of us know that one of the absolute best things that you can do for the environment is to recycle. When it comes to office furniture, that would mean purchasing used items. Thrift stores and websites like Craigslist tend to have loads of used cabinets, desks and chairs to choose from. Or you go a standard route and check out a garage sale or two. If you live in Omaha, before going to a furniture store, why not go browsing through a few Omaha garage sales? You never know what one-of-a-kind item may be awaiting you at a really affordable price, which makes buying used not just good for the environment but your budget as well.

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