The Most Effective Approaches to Green Marketing

Thu, Sep 6, 2012

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Going green is not an easy undertaking for most businesses. Not only do you have to examine every aspect of operations in order to pinpoint areas of waste and pollution, but a responsible business owner will also check out the supply chain for harmful practices and then try to implement eco-friendly standards along every step of the way. In short, it’s a process. And while some companies never make it beyond installing recycling bins around the office or switching to recycled paper products, there are plenty that go the extra mile by conserving energy and water, using chemical-free products and processes, working with eco-friendly vendors, and even securing a LEED certified office space. If you happen to be interested in finding ever-increasing means of making your company sustainable and environmentally friendly, you might be interested to know that even your marketing efforts could be greener. Here are just a few approaches that are bound to be effective.

When it comes to marketing your business, paper advertising is pretty old school. While you may not be able to escape it entirely just yet, you could actually save a lot of money by going paperless and there are all kinds of avenues for marketing that are only beginning to be explored. For example, you likely have a business website, and this is a great place to begin your paper-free marketing experiment. You might even list with directories and use ad-sharing as a way to market your business for free (or at little expense). But if you’re not using SEO (search engine optimization) to ensure an influx of visitors and build up your page rank for certain searches on engines like Google and Bing, you’re not making the most of your online presence.

You should also be using social media to your advantage. It’s not enough to set up accounts and let them stagnate. You must be vigilant about utilizing your Facebook, Twitter, and other profiles or they are virtually worthless to your business. This means posting frequently, engaging your followers, responding to questions and comments, and giving people a reason to interact with you and ultimately visit your website (or go to your physical location) and make purchases. Not only are these practices great for your business but they may save you a lot over traditional marketing schemes and they are also better for the environment than littering a parking lot with fliers or paying beaucoup bucks to get ad placement in paper publications.

You should also find ways to insinuate yourself into online communities. You might start an on-site blog, contribute guest posts to related blogs, or even send out products for online reviews. And instead of hiring an ad agency to make commercials (necessitating the use of an air conditioned studio, energy-sucking lights and camera equipment, and/or trailers that are pumping carbon emissions into the air for hours on end), why not arrange for a low-budget viral campaign that can be shot on a hand cam, guerrilla-style? You don’t have to be a master of communication management to know that there are greener ways to reach the public with your marketing campaigns. So start thinking about what you’re currently spending your ad budget on and how you’re getting your name out there. If creating a brand that is associated with eco-friendly ideals is a priority, there are plenty of ways to go greener in all of your marketing efforts.

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