The Importance of Setting Sustainability Goals for Your Business

Sun, Mar 11, 2012

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Taking part in the business world forces you to compete. And competition, theoretically at least, is a healthy practice that keeps you on your toes and, thus, makes you a stronger businessperson. One of the ways that many businesses are competing today involves increasing their sustainability, or offering strategies that helps their business stays greener and more eco friendly. If you want to stay ahead of the game, consider these reasons why going green will only improve your success in years to come.

Eliminating Paper and Recycling. Your customers and competitors are watching you. You can show them that you are embracing an eco friendly ethic by cutting down on paper usage in your office. Eliminate inner office memos and use email instead. Insert hand dryers in your bathrooms to replace paper towels. Require that your employees send PDFs instead of using fax machines. Make sure that recycling bins are prominently displayed in the employee break room as well as in your actual place of business, offering your customers recycling opportunities as well.

Greening your office. Replace the old incandescent lights in your office with florescent lighting to conserve energy. Maintain your restrooms by immediately fixing any leaks or dripping faucets to save potentially wasted water. Installing low-flow toilets conserves water too.

Green blogging. If you don’t already have a website for your business or company, create one. Keep up a weekly blog so your customers are up to date on any promotions, sales, or new services or products you offer. You should also use your blog as a way to inform your audience that you are practicing sustainable business methods. You can encourage them to follow in your footsteps and make your practices their own!

Marketing. In addition to blogging, you can use social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to promote your new sustainable practices. You may catch the eye of local eco-centric organizations who will help you out with any of your future promotions. Host local events that center around cleaning up parks or highways.

Team Green. You can also promote your new sustainable business practices by creating a “Green Team” with any employees you think might have an interest in the environment. Perhaps you know that they carpool to work; maybe they recycle at home. The purpose for this committee will be to brainstorm and come up with even more ways that your company can practice sustainability. Even if no one comes forward initially, you can assign them various tasks, such as researching. Strengthen your relationship with your customers by inviting community members to take part in this endeavor. Other local business owners might follow your lead, and eventually you may be able to compose a multi-business Green Team consisting of several local businesses.

The consumers of today want to know that they are using businesses who are concerned with sustainability. They are more concerned than ever before with the impact that you have on the economy, environment, and society in general. Click here to find out more!

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