The Best Ways for Green Businesses to Raise Money

Mon, Oct 22, 2012

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Running a decidedly eco-friendly business is not only a great way to make yourself a decent living, but also to help out the environment and make an impact in a meaningful way whilst you do so. There are a ton of rewards that come along with the kind of decision you might find yourself making when it comes to opening your business and picking out which practices are going to dedicated specifically towards helping out the ecosystem. Maybe you’re a business providing a relatively standard service, but you’re doing so with a completely green twist, and really making sure that everything you do is uniquely environmentally-friendly. Or perhaps you provide a service that’s not so common, but is nevertheless dedicated to the service of protecting our planet. Either way, you’ve got a case for presenting your business as an environmentally-friendly one, and when you’ve got aims that are as charitable as cleaning up the earth, you’re able to take advantage of some pretty serious fundraising power. A normal business that simply provides a service or product and takes care of itself can’t really solicit the public for more of its money. But as a green company, the better you do your job, the better it is for literally everyone. We’ll talk about some of the best ways to let people know what you’re doing and raise some money in the process.

The local community is a powerful tool when it comes to raising money for your environmentally-oriented business. Connect with them in a huge way, and it’ll pay off for you and your business in the long run for as long as you want it to. When you’re running a business, influential local connections are worth their weight in gold. Position you and your company as active and vocal members of the community who are committed to doing the best you can in terms of your mission, no matter what. Go about holding events and hosting gatherings that’ll help bring people together in the name of your shared message or philosophy. This way, you’ll be able to connect your business with individuals’ lives on a very intimate level.

You can also make use of any number of websites essentially dedicated to helping socially-responsible or not-for-profit business find and raise the money that they need to keep operating and making their difference. Simply enough, GreenFunder.com is one of the leading resources dedicated to connecting businesses with the fundraising and resources they’ll need to raise money, and this can be an option that’s also perfect for you and your green company. Whether you’re searching for a local accountant San Antonio or a full-on team to help you manage your finances, kicking this aspect up of your business a notch will also help with your fundraising and monetary history — all the better to do your job and keep protecting the environment. When your business is doing good for everyone, it’s a lot easier to raise money.

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