Tech Products and Accessories for the Green Professional

Mon, Jun 18, 2012

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Today’s professional spends much more time working with technology than getting their hands dirty. It’s a simple side effect of the information age. The business world runs off of computers, cloud technology, smartphones and data processing centers, and the savvy professional has a wide array of tech products and gadgets at his disposal to navigate the challenges of their industry. But a balance must be struck. You need to get work done efficiently, but you also don’t want to negatively impact the environment more than is absolutely necessary. So if you care about environmental sustainability, how can you have the best of both worlds? Luckily, many of the largest tech manufacturers now offer a wide array of eco friendly products. Here are some of the best tech products and accessories on the market for the green professional.

You’ve got all your gadgets, and they have to go with you wherever you go. But you also don’t want to spend a ton of time charging or wasting energy. One great option is the Voltaic Backpack. It’s built with a full array of solar panels on the outside, so as you wear it the backpack is generating power. Inside, you’ll find plugs available for all of your handheld devices. So you can charge your cellphone, MP3 player and camera all while on the go, and without sapping any energy whatsoever. It’s fairly inexpensive, and incredibly sleek considering the application.

When it comes to your devices, you should consider green alternatives, which exist for every type of technology you require. Motorola has a great option for green professionals who need a smartphone. It’s called the Renew W233, and is available through the T-mobile service. It has all of the applications you need, but is incredibly energy efficient. When sitting at your desk, you should consider ways to save energy as well. One area is through the monitor you choose to use. The Dell G2410 is simple and slick, and has an impeccable picture. But when you’re not using it, it switches off completely, requiring zero energy. That could add up to huge energy savings, as most computers and monitors continue to suck power even when they’re switched off. Add to that savings by plugging your electronic devices into the Belkin Conserve Surge Protector. It’s got ten outlets, so you won’t be hunting for charging space, but allows you to pick and choose which plug you want to power down, so you won’t waste one bit of energy on a device you aren’t currently using.

If you really want to track your energy consumption down to the decimal point, check out the Wattson Solar, available through diykyoto.com. It’s a device that will actually monitor all of the energy use in your office, showing on an easy readout how much energy you are generating versus how much you are consuming. It’s small and incredibly modern looking, and glows yellow when in action. It will provide a very specific energy reading, and will track your historic energy use so you can see how your conservation efforts are progressing.

Finally, consider the environment when choosing screen protectors. You’ve got to keep your monitors and smartphones from harm, but the plastic film that’s traditionally used is made of plastic that takes forever to degrade. Try to find protectors made out of recycled materials, or use traditional covers made from natural fibers to keep the screens safe when not in use.

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