Green Branding Ideas for Your Small Business

Mon, Feb 13, 2012

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As a small business owner, you probably already know how essential it is to the success and life of your business that you stay on top of the times, being certain to understand trends and the way that the wind is blowing. By now, you also undoubtedly know that the world is turning its attention to those businesses that can provide environmentally friendly services. Since you want to stay ahead of the game and increase your chances of remaining in it at least through next year, you will want to begin to embrace a green ideology, especially when it comes to branding. Here are a few suggestions how.

First consider the kinds of audiences you can reach if you market yourself as a business concerned with sustainability. More and more, consumers want to know that they are buying from companies that embrace and utilize eco friendly practices, avoiding those whose practices are seen as negative. If you consider potential employees for the future, you will see that upcoming generations are concerned with how green are their employers and how good are their practices. You stand to be able to recruit and retain a stronger, more dynamic employee base if you embrace an eco friendly brand. Investors are also interested in those businesses concerned with the impact they have on the economy, environment, and society in general.

Now you know why you should go green, but how do you do it?

Start out by eliminating paper as much as you possibly can. Create a Facebook page for your business if you haven’t already as well as a blog. Update your blog so your customers will know how green you are. Don’t recycle? Start. Already recycle? Then blog about it! Let your customers and clients know how responsible you are!

Other green blogs you might consider: Institute a car pool or ways to encourage different ways to commute to work that are more environmentally responsible. Encourage your employees to become more involved in your community. Sponsor green-centric events. If you use display stands and banner stands, advertise how you created them yourself out of recycled products.

Get the approval of third parties who can give you green trustmarks and certifications and then promote the heck out of them on your website or blog. You gain these trustmarks by using environmentally sustainable products. Green America is one place where you might start looking.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to mislead the public. Practice what you preach – if you say you’re going to create green initiatives in your business, then actually do it! Don’t exaggerate what you’ve done … commit to what you have really done and promote it authentically! If you can garner a trustmark or certificate from a legitimate organization you trust, you’ll have the proof you need – a literal seal of approval – if customers, clients, or concerned citizens approach you with any questions.

Get everyone in your business involved on an organizational level so that your branding strategy will be legitimate and sustainable!

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