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Sat, Feb 11, 2012

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We should probably be really ashamed of ourselves. It’s been reported that while Americans only make up for approximately four percent of the world’s population, guess how much oil we consume: a whopping twenty-five percent! And most of that is (and I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now) gasoline. Aside from separating our paper from our plastics, sometimes we’re at a loss when it comes to consistent ways to save our environment. An immense one that we all can do is find creative ways to take our commutes.

When’s the Last Time You Carpooled?

There are probably a lot of parents that do this simply for convenience’s sake; but what about the rest of us? When’s the last time you rode with a co-worker to work or made a grocery store run with a friend of yours? It’s a great way to conserve gas and look at it this way: if you do it right, you’re driving only half of the time. It’s the closest feeling to having a chauffeur that some of us are ever going to get!

Take Care of Your Car

Unfortunately for a lot of us, emissions seem to only be an issue when it’s time to get new car tags. But remember that the oil we use, most of all, is gasoline. If buying a hybrid isn’t currently in your budget or you can’t find any gas efficient trucks for sale, make sure that at least routine tune-ups and oil changes are two maintenance things that you can afford. Also, splurge every once and a while and give your car some super unleaded gasoline and when you’re driving with it, try and stay at 55 miles per hour or under as much as possible. It’s much more efficient. Oh, and you might be amazed what an idle car does to the environment. If you find yourself idle for more than 30-45 seconds, turn your car off every once in a while. It cuts down car fumes significantly.

Take the Bus or Subway. More.

Even if it is more “go green friendly”, some people don’t see the point in paying to take a bus or subway when they have a perfectly good working vehicle at home. If you need to be convinced, think about some of the things that you can do while riding that you don’t get to do when you’re driving. You can read that chapter you forgot about or finish up that work report that’s due. Texting is illegal in many states now. Riding is a time to catch up on some of those inbox messages on your phone.

“Go Green” with Your Employment

No one’s suggesting that you quit your job, but you might get a few brownie points for mentioning to your supervisor or the HR department that it would be great for the environment if their employees spent a day a week working from home. If you’re currently looking work, telecommuting positions are in abundance. Just type that phrase in Google to start your search.

Take a Walk. Ride Your Bike.

If you are so lucky to live close enough to your job that it’s a walk or bike ride away, why not help the environment and get a good workout in all at the same time? Do it enough and not only would it cut out the need for a gym membership, but it might carve out some abs and calf muscles too!

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