Developing a Green Business Plan That Works

Wed, Oct 10, 2012

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A great concern for entrepreneurs is developing a business plan that will result in success; control of assets, a healthy profit margin, and a smart balance of expenses are all essential to the planning of any business. Ambitious entrepreneurs with a green consciousness are further strained by the necessity of maintaining an environmentally friendly business, something that has not been a consideration for many companies until somewhat recently. The planning stage is immeasurably important for these entrepreneurs and there is of course a right way and a wrong way to develop a green business plan that will work.

Drafting a business plan requires an inhuman capacity for attention to detail. Everything must be accounted for, from the obvious necessities such as office and retail space to the seemingly inconsequential things like paper costs. Start planning your business by writing out everything in as much detail as possible. The transition of ideas from nebulous mental waves to realistic plans outlined on paper will expose any possible flaws in your business plan, and once you’ve given structure to your ideas you can more easily start to think about sustainability and green consciousness in your business plan.

Take a look at your rough business plans and think about how your proposed practices will comply with environmental regulations. This will help to keep your business environmentally friendly from the start, as well as ensuring that you don’t find yourself subject to fines from government agencies for environmentally toxic or unsafe practices. If you are going to be running a car wash, for example, think about the kinds of cleaning products you will use. Opting for the use of non-toxic products in your business will protect both you and your local eco-systems from the danger of toxic chemical leaks into soil and ground water. What products will your business need to operate, and how can they be sourced and utilized in an environmentally friendly manner?

Think about how your business can be made energy efficient. You could adopt energy saving practices in the work place to reduce your carbon footprint and cut down on emissions. Plan on investing in low-energy appliances and office equipment. If cars and other vehicles will be necessary for business, consider the option of hybrid or electric vehicles for transportation. Reuse and recycle whenever possible. The possibility of running your business headquarters on solar energy may even be viable. All of these things should be given due consideration in your business plan. The reduced cost of energy for daily operations can actually work to increase profit margins significantly.

The planning stage of your business is extremely important. During this phase you will get a realistic idea of how your business will be run. Look into business reviews to find companies that exercise green practices and see how you can emulate these in your own business plan. Remember to account for all possibilities and expose any potential flaws in your business plan as early as possible to ensure that your green enterprise will be a success.

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