Best Practices for Green Business Travel

Tue, Nov 27, 2012

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There’s a great deal of potential for fun when you go traveling, but those who travel for business are usually a bit less on the fun side of things–generally speaking. When you go traveling for business, you might lose hours of sleep, skip meals, and do any number of other things to get the job done. However, this is no time to forget about your environmental consciousness. Going green is more than just an at-home pursuit. You should be doing your best to be eco-friendly at all times, and this includes your business travels. So how can you stay green on your business travels?

For a start, try to fly as little as possible. Airplanes use a whole lot of fuel and that fuel has to come from somewhere. If you think sport utility vehicles use up a lot of gas, imagine the mileage of an airborne bus that has to travel across the country at several hundred miles per hour. This is more than just a few gallons we’re talking about here. Take non-stop flights whenever possible. They are more direct and save time for you as well as resources for Mother Nature. Efficient travel is especially important on business trips, so fly non-stop and make the most of your time.

If a train can get you to your destination in enough time, then you might want to opt for the railways over the runways. Short distance flights are some of the biggest fuel wasters in the world, and the time you’ll spend checking in and going through airport security practically eliminates the benefits of a speedier mode of travel. Some trains even run on electric power, but those that don’t are still more eco-friendly than the fuel guzzling tin buses that fly us into the clouds every day.

Keep your green consciousness alive on the road by opting for all natural toiletries and other necessities. Bags made from natural fibers without toxic consequences are better for you and the environment, and you can choose soaps, shampoos, and other cosmetic products that are free of harmful substances and abstain from animal testing. Make sure that your personal items comply with airline security regulations if you’re going to fly, so that you won’t have to waste good products by throwing them away at the airport. Keeping both your skin and your environment healthy with natural products is one of the best ways to stay green on your business travels.

If you’re renting a car at your destination, choose a fuel efficient compact model. Special offers and BookIt promotional codes can often get you the best deals on rentals, so look into these as well. If you can, ditch the car rental altogether and get around via public transportation when you land. This may not be viable for all situations, but those who can make it work will get to ease the strain on our environment while seeing a new town from a new perspective.

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