5 Ways to Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

Wed, Feb 15, 2012

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Green is the way to go as far as many Americans are concerned. And if your company expects to stay on top of its game as the twenty-first century develops, then you have to be aware of buzz words like “carbon footprint,” and also how to reduce it. Simply put, and as far as your business is concerned, your carbon footprint is a measurement of how much carbon dioxide and methane your organization contributes to the world, which will ultimately effect the environment for everyone. Going green – reducing your carbon footprint through a number of eco friendly strategies – will improve your success with your customers and help to save the planet at the same time. Here are five strategies you can use to start the ball rolling.

Go Team Green! Round up employees who you know or think you might know have some vested interest in saving the environment – this could be as simple as identifying anyone who mentions that they recycle at home. Perfect! They’re in! Create a “Green Team” whose sole purpose as a committee is to come up with more specific ways that your company can implement sustainable suggestions. Even if no one comes forward, you can still assign people to research. Invite members of the community as a gesture of good will.

Recycle! Stock your restrooms with recycled toilet paper. Set up recycling bins for paper, plastic, and glass bottles. Reach out to other local businesses and encourage them to recycle as well. If you buy as many of your supplies as possible from local businesses, then you will reduce emissions created by trucks making deliveries who have to travel from a distance away. Use recycled paper for any business cards or memos you have to send on paper.

Office repairs. Replace incandescent light bulbs in your office with florescent lights to conserve energy. Make sure that you fix any drips or leaks, as millions of gallons of water are wasted a year by leaky faucets. Install low-flow toilets in your restrooms that will help to conserve water.

Efficiency. Find ways to cut out using paper as much as possible. Email and PDFs have made this process easier than ever, especially for sending inner office memos. Print on both sides of paper whenever you can.

Holding events. If your company sponsors events, conferences, or job fairs – perhaps scouting for graduates from the top online MBA programs of 2012 or people who are interested in using their business MBA – try to hold the event in a hotel/conference center so people don’t have to drive to attend. For food and refreshments, use local vendors who provide organic food that is locally grown, once again reducing the need for extra truck emissions. Finally, make sure that you recycle the garbage, perhaps attempting to use some food or vegetables for mulch.

It’s easier than ever to reduce your carbon footprint, and as you and your company strive for success in the twenty-first century, keep in mind that a green mindset can equal green in your pocket.

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