Taipei 101: Highest Green Structure in World

Fri, Jan 15, 2010

Green Countries

The Taipei 101, located in Taiwan, was recognized as the world’s tallest building until it was outdone by an 800 meter skyscraper in Dubai last week. The 500 meter Taipei may have lost the record for height, but it has come up with a new idea. Although Asia is not necessarily known for its eco-friendly construction,SL+A International Asia Inc., Siemens, and EcoTech International Inc. are all working towards making Taipei 101 the highest green structure in the world./span>Spokesman Michael Liu says that there are plans to invest $1.9 million to satisfy 100 criteria for an environmental certificate. By having tower tenants recycle and cut down on water and electricity use, they could reduce their energy costs by over ten percent which saves them at least $600,00 per year.

Taipei 101 has already began several sustainable initiatives such as a double-glazed glass wall which protects the building’s tenants from Taiwan’s subtropical temperature. The skyscraper has already completed 60 percent of the checklist and is expected to receive the certificate from United States Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design by 2011.

By Alexandria L. Bachert. Alexandria can be reached at bachert2@tcnj.edu.

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