Where Does America Go From Here?

Thu, Dec 11, 2008

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iStock_000002491010SmallIn my recent efforts to get up to speed on the ever-widening globalization issue, I’ve been reading quite a bit regarding a ‘What America Should Do?’ phenomenon. And in article after article and blog after blog, it seems the same ‘remedies’ keep cropping up.

Among these not-so-quick fixes are to:

1) Significantly improve America’s math and science education for primary and high school students (how to specifically do this is not discussed so much)
2) Require kids to learn at least one foreign language (Chinese is mentioned quite a bit on this one)
3) Ease America’s current visa and immigration requirements that many critics claim are hampering the country’s ability to attract and keep the best and the brightest talent from around the world (keeping in mind, we are all forever ‘post-9/11’)
4) Encourage America’s corporations to begin to turn their focus away from products and services that are easily ‘commoditized’ by countries like China, India, Brazil, etc. and instead focus on what America allegedly has always done best – ‘innovation’ and ‘marketing’ (whatever that actually means!)

There are more where these came from, of course, but these are among the most popular recommendations I’ve seen in my reading.

And while all of these may sound pretty good on the proverbial paper, my question to all you fellow ‘experts’ is:

Will these suggested remedies, if somehow followed through on, actually work for America?

Are they truly realistic, or are most/all of these just pie-in-the-sky wish list items that perhaps will help some Americans deal with their growing worries over millions of lost jobs and ever-mounting trade deficits?

Are there other far better, and much more short-term, solutions for America that I and others are simply not thinking of? If so, I’d certainly love to hear about them! I’d also be curious to hear some feedback ‘“ good, bad or ugly – on the ‘solutions’ I’ve listed above.

Because as far as I’m concerned with this thinking about the future stuff, we’re all potential ‘experts.’

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