What American Companies Want to Know’¦.

Thu, Dec 11, 2008


Posted by Eric Cohen

I am trying to recruit a few bloggers from abroad to contribute. I asked one gentleman to consider an entry that addresses the needs of a small business owner in America or Europe, from the Chinese perspective. His question: ‘what are those needs?’ Good question!

Here are what I feel are the leading questions:

1. What can I offshore if I am not in manufacturing?
2. How do I find good companies to work with?
3. How do I pay and assure my legal rights?
4. How will I deal with language issues?
5. What about cultural differences?

I am pretty confident that #1 is the biggie. I think that offshoring is obvious for those in manufacturing. Or if the company is large. But smaller businesses tend to struggle to identify opportunities. Companies will outsource and work with vendors they never meet. But they are slow to also see these as opportunities to offshore.

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