Globalization ‘“ it’s in the air (no, really)

Thu, Dec 11, 2008


We’ve talked a lot around here about how it’s a small, flat world these days. And of course, in this new era of booming economies around the globe, there are inevitably good byproducts and bad byproducts of such incredible worldwide growth.

Well, here’s a really bad one: air pollution.

In fact, if you happen to live in California these days, aside from the infamous ‘domestic’ pollution that’s being pumped into the air (and lungs of Californians) on a daily basis, it now seems the Golden State is unwillingly ‘importing’ quite a bit of the nasty stuff from China.

Read all about it here.

Yes, China is not only making its own citizens literally ill with super-noxious emissions that have resulted from this incredible new era of industrial growth within the country, it’s now making citizens of the US breathe a little less easy as well. See, while China’s economy is booming in this new era, it is also filling the global skies with all kinds of bad, choking stuff as a result of very old, very harmful energy technologies.

And it could get much worse, as the article linked above points out.

If the Chinese, Indians and other citizens of Asia start driving cars in numbers anywhere close to what citizens of Western nations now do, we are all going to be reaching for our gas masks!

So, while we here generally praise economic expansion around the world, let’s stop and realize that there are some ‘byproducts’ of this new age we could all do without.

Hey – anybody out there involved in the environmental industry? I sense some global growth opportunities for you and your colleagues coming up quite quickly!


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