The Best Internship Options for Math Majors

Wed, Jul 25, 2012

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So, you’re in school to study math. And honestly, you’re not totally sure why you selected that as your college major other than the fact that it’s something that you really enjoy and you’ve heard that when it comes to a life profession, you should definitely do something that you’re passionate about.

However, you’re approaching that time in your college career when you need to start thinking about what you want to do once you graduate. You also need to figure out what kind of internship you should get in preparation for that new chapter of your life. But honestly, you’re stumped. What kind of internships do math majors have?

You’re in luck. Although this article doesn’t cover all of the options available to you, here are five that can get you started on applying for an internship and figuring out the kind of “math major profession” that you ultimately want to have.

You can intern at…

A school. It’s probably no surprise that a lot of math majors go on to become math teachers. Whether it’s elementary, high school or college (remember that you’ll need a master’s for college), there are many schools that welcome math majors on their campus to serve as teaching assistants for a semester or even an entire school year.

A financial advising company. Some people who graduate with a degree in math go on to become personal financial advisors. These are people who assist with a wide range of financial plans and goals include making investments, diversifying monies and saving up for retirement. Because you’ll be working with numbers so much, it’s understandable why a foundation in math education would be beneficial.

An accountant firm. If while in school, you enjoyed math and accounting courses, then maybe becoming an accountant is something that you would like to do. From insuring financial records (such as accounts receivable financing), to payroll, to assisting people with their taxes, accountants are a great help for people as it relates to organizing their personal funds or keeping things in order on a corporate level.

A government agency. A relatively fast-growing market for math majors is a field called cryptography. These people basically create and break various kinds of codes on an as-need basis. Cryptographers are used in government jobs, but they are also hired for positions in private business, science industries and even cable television companies.

A software company. As long as people are using computers, they will need to use some form of software. Being that designing it also involves a vast level of creating, coding and analyzing, specifically as it relates to numbers, this is another route that math majors can take.

Again, these are only a few options that are open to math majors. There are certainly many other things that fields that you can go into including computer science, applied mathematics (such as NASA or the Department of Agriculture), biostatistics or even technical writing. Now that you know this, hopefully you have a clearer understanding of the many places where you can intern. And with any luck, if all goes well on your internship, you’ll also have a pretty good idea of what you want to do…with your degree in mathematics.

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