How Interns Can Be Helpful and Upbeat Without Being Annoying

Fri, Aug 31, 2012

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Internships are some of the most exciting positions that exist on the job market. Depending on what kind of company in which you wind up, an internship will get you the right foot in the door you’ll need to begin your career in earnest. It’s the proving grounds in almost every case, however, so your performance is integral to whether or not the internship actually winds up getting you what you need out of it. As important as it is to be helpful and attentive when you’re interning, it’s equally (if not more) important that you don’t overdo it. Nobody likes an annoying or overbearing intern, and being one is a surefire way to make sure you don’t get invited back.

Be Around When You’re Needed

The only thing worse than not being there when you’re needed is being around too much when you’re not. Maintaining the right balance between availability and business is key to not annoying your employers. If you’ve got nothing to do, then take initiative and busy yourself with something that you know will make your bosses happy. If you can’t think of anything, try a little empathy. What does your boss want? What is the company’s goal? These are the kind of things you’re going to need to know if you want to work there anyway, so figuring those things out will be an important contribution to you continued success in that job either way. Learning how to avoid seeming like you’re constantly wanting to know what to do next makes you seem overbearing, so give your bosses the space they need to get their work done.

Stay Busy When You’re Not

If you’ve not been given explicit instructions, then find a way to contribute. Just because you haven’t been given assignments that fill every moment of your workday doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to make sure that your presence benefits the company. This is what will convince them to keep you on, after all.

Anticipate Your Boss’ Needs

Knowing what to do without necessarily being asked is a quality of incredible value in the workplace. Anticipating your employers’ needs will put you on such a great level with your management that you might very well wonder how you got along without doing that to begin with. Every worker has something with which they need help, and finding out the ways you can best help your boss is the key to positioning yourself as a valuable member of the team.

Be a Team Player

Above all else, the biggest part about succeeding at an internship is your attitude. If you can put yourself in a place where your primary objective is contributing as much value as possible to those around you, it will get noticed. Guaranteed. If there’s a way you think you might be able to help, don’t be afraid to check it out. This is exactly the kind of mindset the best employers look for, and if you’re more concerned with how much value you’re giving rather than how much you’re getting, you will be guaranteed to go a long way in more than just your career.

The best internship is out there, for everyone. Finding it can take a bit of work, but with the right skills and attitudes, succeeding at it and turning it into a real career doesn’t have to be the hardest thing in the universe. No matter how you find your internship, you’ll have to make sure you do all the right things to hang onto it.

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