5 Careers You Should Intern at Today That Will Be There Tomorrow

Tue, Jul 3, 2012

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In today’s economy, every day is a struggle for working people. The job market is changing, leaving young people and even currently employed professionals worrying about their futures and job security. Many individuals may want higher pay, better benefits, or more perks at their job, but that is a far-cry from the worry of many who wonder daily if their job will even exist in the near future, no matter how good they are at it.

The future workforce needs to be aware of that  should make sure they have chosen a career path that they like and last. It is important to dabble in multiple areas before you make your choice, especially if your interests are varied. Below are 5 areas where internships can be found, experienced, and possible lead to permanent careers.

Medical Field

People will always get sick and need medicine. That guarantees that there will always be a need for specialists in the medical field. And to add to the already soaring field are new advances in medicine. There are many new treatments for diseases and therapies for those who have retired. Not only are there jobs, but also a bountiful opportunity to intern. Doctor’s offices and hospitals will always be looking for young, energetic, and sometimes inexperienced help.


There are so many new advances in technology that there is a constant need for professionals to meet those needs. This provides IT job security for  years to come. Businesses often hire young individuals who learn the most recent advances in school. Majoring in IT in college can be very valuable and finding internships in this realm may be competitive, but incredibly rewarding.

Distributed Work

Businesses tend to spread themselves out in order to branch their services. This is sure to continue into the future, which means that they need specialists that can operate over multiple distances. Each location needs its own consultant – who can communicate effectively. That keeps the company intact.

Child Care

Although a person doesn’t necessarily need to find colleges in Greenville to become a child care specialist, it’s still a good idea to mention this field. With the costs of public child care increasing, many working families hire private ‘nannies’. This is a field of work that will be around forever – so long as human beings continue having babies. Long term opportunities are abundant in child care.


Finally, we come to the entertainment field. After a long day of work, people need to be entertained. This career field will always be around. Comedians, writers, directors, actors, and game manufacturers are all examples of careers in this field. Those with a talent for these jobs should definitely take a crack at it. They can be very rewarding.

These five career paths contain a high level of job security, making them future-safe for at least the next 5 years. If you’re looking at pursing a career that won’t get outsourced or replaced by software, look into these industries.

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