How Interning Abroad Can Help You Land the Job of Your Dreams

Sun, Apr 29, 2012

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College students across America face an increasingly difficult job market upon graduation. The economy has not yet fully recovered, and unemployment hovers around the double digits. This means fewer jobs for recent graduates and more competition for the jobs there are. Recent grads have found themselves going up against much more experienced professionals in interviews, making it even more important to find any possible leg up on the competition. One thing any college student can contemplate that adds a unique and attractive twist to their resume is going abroad for their internship. An internship abroad gives students the chance to expand themselves both professionally and personally, while also adding some skills to the mix that set them apart from other graduates. Here are a few of the ways interning abroad can help you land the job of your dreams.

Unique opportunities to multitask. Long gone are the days where employees were hired to do one specific thing. Today’s workforce multitasks more than ever before, executing on a number of projects while continuing their studies and finding time for family and friends. An internship abroad will offer you a similar multitasking opportunity. Not only will you have to learn a new job, but learn a new country as well. There may not be two more complicated tasks to take on at once. So you can expect to come home ready to simultaneously juggle more than ever before.

Expanding your communication skills. As you’re learning what your internship supervisor expects, you’ll also be learning a new language. Even if you’ve previously studied the language spoken in your host country, it will be a whole different thing when it’s all around you every day. If you intern in an English-speaking country, you’ll still be communicating with people who have different customs, slang phrases and interpretations than you, making the possibility of a miscommunication very high. Learning to effectively relate both at your internship and within your host country will insure that you come home a better communicator than ever.

Understanding organization on a whole new level. The more organized your approach to work, the happier your future employer will be. And it takes a ton more organization to land an internship abroad than one in the U.S. An interviewer sitting down with you to discuss a prospective job will understand you were able to nab that desirable internship and handle everything within your personal life to make it a success. Visas, new cell phone plans, forwarded mail, finding new housing and sticking to a budget all went into you sitting before them, and it all reflects well on your ability to grow and expand yourself going forward.

On top of all of the above, you’ll also have the opportunity to become intimately connected with a new culture. You’ll come back with a broader understanding of the world, and your place in it. That’s a valuable perspective to bring to a new job. And maybe you’ll be able to use the travel reward credit cards you get after landing the job of your dreams to pay a visit back to site of your international internship. Why not? You’ve earned it.

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