Why You Should Consider a Career in Health

Wed, Jun 27, 2012

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The healthcare industry is one of the largest employee sectors in America. Thousands of careers can be found in heath including pharmacy, nursing, becoming a doctor, or even an administration. An internship is a great way to get into the field and try it out. Just being in an office or a hospital can either gross you out of the idea or solidify that working to help people  is exactly what you want to do. In case you are on the fence about doing a healthcare internships, below are some reasons why you should go for it.

High Demand And Job Security
Hospitals and clinics will always need a doctor, nurse and pharmacy technician regardless of the economic climate in other industries. Healthcare will always be a fundamental field of work. This ensures job security far into the future. The healthcare industry is constantly expanding to handle the increasing population of the world so new positions will appear regularly. This constant demand for trained professionals means that the jobs are portable, secure and can give a person more employment options than are immediately obvious.

Multiple Advancement Options
The healthcare industry as a whole is composed of a massive number of different types of jobs. A medical coder, a pharmacy technician and a neurosurgeon are all considered healthcare workers. This can give employees advancement options that are not possible in most other lines of work. An employee can acquire more education and take on a more challenging and higher paying role. An employee could also train for a short time and make a lateral move into a position that has better hours or that is based from a different location. These open advancement options mean that most dedicated workers can quickly find a position that provides a high level of job satisfaction.

Good Pay
Some of the highest paying jobs in the country are related to the healthcare industry. Even entry-level positions often pay more than other jobs that require an equivalent level of education. The structure of most medical institutions means that salaries will rise over the years to remain competitive. The shortage that many hospitals and clinics are experiencing can also mean signing bonuses for employment commitments and free education in the future.

Many individuals are attracted to different roles in the healthcare industry because it is a job that directly helps people. This desire to help is sometimes balanced by concerns over what working in a medical setting actually entails. A stable job, the ability to progress to any position within the industry and a high salary are three areas that can make a career in health attractive.

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