Top 5 Benefits of Culinary Internships

Fri, Jul 13, 2012

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So, you’re in the middle of your culinary school curriculum program, and some of your instructors have been mentioning that it’s time for you to consider getting an internship. It’s not that you haven’t considered it, but between going to classes, holding down a part-time job and trying to have, at least a little bit of “a life” in between the two, you’re just now sure how to fit it in. Or even if it’s really worth your time.

If this has been your dilemma, then you have come to the right page in cyberspace. Below are the top five benefits of having a culinary internship. After reading them, there’s a huge chance you’ll probably change from listening to your instructors about internship programs to speaking with them about how to get into one.

It offers “real world” experience. When it comes to basically any field of study, one of the immediate benefits of an internship is that it takes you outside of a classroom setting and puts you into the very places where you will be applying to work following your graduation. Culinary school is not about simply learning how to cook, but how to thrive in a professional setting as well.

It gives you insights into different kinds of kitchens. Whenever we see a show on the Food Network, a part of the reason why those cooking experts and professional chefs are able to move with such ease is because they are very familiar with the environment that they are cooking in. You don’t want to spend your entire school career only cooking in a classroom or at your house and then find yourself totally uncomfortable in other, usually much faster-paced, settings. Internships get you acclimated to places outside of the familiar.

It gives you realistic business insights. Reading about how the professional world of culinary arts works is one thing. Experiencing it for yourself is another matter entirely. Sometimes people will go into a certain field of work, thinking that they want to do it. That is until they are actually making the work a part of their daily practice. For instance, you may have initially thought that you wanted to be a head sous chef, but after witnessing how stressful it is and how long it takes to make the kind of salary that you may want, it might cause you to want to go into something like personalized catering, instead. Do you know what can assist you in coming to this kind of conclusion? Working alongside a sous chef or a caterer during an internship.

It can hone your people skills. Being a professional cook means that you will also need to have excellent people skills. This is due to the fact that you’ll be dealing with all kinds of personalities, oftentimes during long hour shifts, every single day. An internship will help you with knowing how to provide courteous and qualified customer service. That’s always a huge plus, no matter what kind of job you have.

It can boost your confidence. Aside from the fact that a large majority of people go from being an intern to actually working for the business that they interned for, just knowing that you completed an internship successfully is a wonderful boost to anyone’s self-esteem. Whether you worked at a Middle Eastern restaurant and perfected some Shahiya recipes or you worked at a high-end restaurant and learned a totally new style of cooking, an internship is an extremely-beneficial thing to add on anyone’s resume because it evolves you from being a student at a culinary school to an employee at a culinary place of business.

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