Tips for Landing an Internship in the Music Industry

Mon, Apr 23, 2012

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If your dream is working in the music industry, just like with any other industry, you’ll have to start at the bottom. Internships can involve a lot of menial, mundane tasks but they’re imperative to learning the business. Finding an internship can be almost as difficult as finding an actual job when you take into account how much competition you’re against. Here are some simple ways to help put you ahead of the intern pack and hopefully land your dream internship.

The first tip is to study the business as much as possible. If you’re aiming for a specific company or for any company, it will only help for you to learn as much as you possibly can about current trends, news, and problems involved in the industry. If you spend time learning about problems for them especially, you can get a head start on thinking up solutions or how your input in valuable to their business. Get your hands on every journal, magazine, business report and newspaper article regarding the music industry and read them. Stay up to date by reading every issue and keeping yourself informed of the most current aspects. The more you know before you start, the better your experience during the internship you’ll have once you land one.

Networking for any position, for any job, for any goal in life is a necessary step. Keep your network full and ever-exanding by building relationships with industry members. You probably already have some good contacts through professors, friends, or family members but don’t stop there. You need to make friends in the industry. You can’t simply follow them on Twitter or request their friendship on Facebook and expect anything to come of that. You need to find contacts in person and develop a relationship with them before asking for any favors. This is a time consuming step but once you land that internship, the time you dedicated to it will pay off.

An internship opportunity isn’t going to magically land in your lap even if you’ve studied everything and have spent weeks schmoozing around the local clubs and music venues. You’ll need to know of the opportunities available. Look at the website of major and small record labels and look for a “jobs” or “careers” section where they’ll list all open positions. Once you’ve developed a network, you just may be able to use of them to help you land one of these internships. Though you can’t ask favors from just anybody, you can ask advice from anyone. Most people would gladly give you advice on finding, landing and succeeding in internships.

Starting out in any business requires a lot of confidence and comes with a lot of rejection. The more prepared you can be for that, the more easily you’ll recover. That DJ on stage didn’t get there by barely knowing how to work a soundboard and without any help from a network so follow that lead and before you know it, you’ll be doing coffee runs like a pro.

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